This Play-Book is for Parents/Caregivers, Teachers and Community Members who care about freeing the power of children’s imagination and creativity Now! The Play-Book will be available for on-line purchase November 1, 2022. We look forward to processing your order then! 


This ever-changing, multi-media Play-Book is all about YOU! It will help you tell the story of your “playing” and “making” in the world – your Play-Making! Each page includes a multi-media component using QR technology that is ever changing and connects you to stories and examples of Play-Making and Play-Makers throughout the world. This Play-Book will crack-open joyful conversations with the children in your life and help you have accessible language with which to notice, name, and share the many different ways you are a Play-Maker. It will also cultivate your Play-Making powers.

While using your Play-Book you will be inspired to tell many small stories that add up to one BIG story – how you can be a Change-Maker in the world!

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 10 in