Transforming the World through Play and Making

Play-Making Now! is a call to action founded on the conviction that opportunities to be Play-Makers and Change-Makers is a right not a privilege in a child’s education. We believe the warnings from child development researchers that the opposite of play is not work, as some people suppose, it’s anxiety and depression.

Join us as children’s caregivers, teachers, and community members to learn how we can cultivate our children’s Play-Making powers, build a community of Play-Makers, and advocate for their right to an education that inspires them to be Change-Makers in their world – people who know how to take initiative in the face of challenges and generate ideas for designing the world they want to live in. Together we can do better.

Meet your Studio Partners

Diane and Katrin have a combined six decades in education as teachers and instructional designers serving kindergarten through college age students. As educators, parents, and community members they understand that engaging in many forms of play and making are vital to the development of healthy children who feel confident, whole, and capable of having an impact in their world.

Diane and Katrin believe the opportunity to learn how to creatively, compassionately, and critically engage in their world is a right, not a privilege, that belongs to every child.

Katrin and Diane are deeply concerned about educational systems impacting schools that severely limits play and making children’s lives in favor of testing and data driven measure of children’s achievement.

Mounting scientific evidence indicates that lack of play directly correlates to rising anxiety and depression in children, which disable their creativity, learning, and sense of agency. Diane and Katrin believe that parents, teachers, and community members can work together as Play-Making advocates to contribute to a more humane, just education for children, and a more beautiful world.